Rat's Kingdom by Jennloop

The mess! This layout doesn’t work!

I’m having layout doubts again. I know how I’d like to change the images at the top but what about the rest of it? Something’s just not right. And I know myself, this is going to keep bugging me and hinder my website-related work until I fix it. The featured image of this post is one I made some years ago after having read someone’s blog post about how she spotted a rat at the dump and it turned and looked at her. No doubt that would be a hideous experience for many people but I rather have a thing for rats and mice, so my rat at the dump looks friendly. The dump is more or less how I feel about my website right now. Perhaps someone else can see this place the way I see the rat; a perfectly lovely thing. The trouble is that I can’t.
Golden Child

Choosing a WordPress theme

After scrolling through hundreds of WordPress themes I’ve lost enough marbles to consider learning how to code my own WordPress theme. Some part of me knows that would be an incredibly stupid thing to do, to learn all the codes for the fancy effects and to keep the theme updated so it fits the latest WordPress version, not to mention tearing out hair when there’s a hard to find bug. It would take way more time than I have and it would go on forever. Then again, it’s been impossible to find what I need. Part of the problem is that I know what I want, it makes it harder to settle for some half right version. The other problem is that I want my blog posts visible in full text version on the front page while also having a huge fancy image and plenty flexibility to add other things.. and apparently that’s not what’s in vogue right now. I’m considering following the trend. It may not be exactly what I want but it’s better than coding a theme from scratch.. right?