Watercolouring – the art of patience

Watercolouring is all about layers. To get strong colours it’s not usually enough to lay down one coating of paint. Oh no. You need to wait until it has dried up some and then add more. And maybe more after that.

In that way, watercolouring is very zen. It’s a practice of patience and nature. Most often when I’ve messed up a watercolour painting it’s because I couldn’t find the inner peace to do it slowly.

That said, I like to make final adjustments digitally. Perhaps I need to work on my zen but on the computer I can fix any problems with shadows, hues and lighting to get it just right. I’m still painting by hand, just using different tools. What do you think? Is digital painting less zen?

This post’s watercolour image was made for a recent #colour_collective challenge. The colour theme was moss.


I love watercolouring, especially when it comes to creating backgrounds! There’s an unpredictability that comes with it. The water and pigment flow and it’s not completely within your control. It leaves room for happy accidents and I love those.

This baby owl was my entry for #colour_collective this week. The theme colour was Cool Grey II, which is found on the owl.

The painting has been added to my Society6 shop. Below is some examples of what can be found there. (Clickable images)

Owl Phone Case by JennloopOwl Mug by Jennloop

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