30 Paintings in 30 Days – Day 18 – Towering

Today’s painting feels so.. doodly? It doesn’t look like the paintings I’m used to making, so I’m feeling strangely skeptical towards it. There’s buildings, a telescope. And if I stare at the lower cliff enough I think I see a cat at the very tip, looking out onto the landscape.

“Towering”, acrylic on paper, A4-sized.

It’s a twin with the previous painting but with a totally different mood going on. Below you can see them side by side on the paper.

30 Paintings in 30 Days – Day 16 – They Follow The Rain

For a while now I’ve imagined or sensed dragons that sometimes come with the rain clouds. How marvelous it would be to see one dive and let out a dragon scream, fading in and out of the clouds.

“They Follow The Rain”, acrylic on canvas paper, about A4-sized.

Below are the weekend’s paintings side by side. One can tell they’re sort of related. Similar colour scheme and the addition of a not so natural phenomenon. Usually I prefer to paint as much nature as possible, nature is the best thing in the world. My psyche was in a slightly different place this weekend, however.

30 Paintings in 30 Days – Day 15 – Adventure

It’s strange, the main tree looks more defined, slightly darker in real life.. The trouble with finishing these paintings in the evening on the day that they need to be posted is the lack of good light, so the photos don’t come out great. This particular piece took a lot work, it just wouldn’t come together right, so it was definitely dark by the time I finished.

“Adventure”, acrylics on canvas paper, about A4-sized.

30 Paintings in 30 Days – Day 9 – Autumn Sky

Oh how I love these colours! I love playing around with bright! Probably going to have to touch up the white tomorrow after it’s all dried, the white parts do tend to dull a bit since I often use them slightly diluted.

“Autumn Sky”, acrylic paint on canvas paper, about A4-sized.

I should be sleeping by now, so I’m hurrying off to bed right away. Got some errands to run tomorrow and also I’ve suddenly got this major urge to be up early enough in the mornings to take a short walk. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, maybe it’s a good idea, we’ll see. Good night for now!

30 Paintings in 30 Days – Day 3 – Glow

Today’s painting was one I went back and forth with a lot, pondering if I should add more to it. But every time I looked at it I got such a sense of peace and expectation that I decided not to mess with it further, just added a couple of birds for balance and interest.

“Glow”. Acrylic on canvas paper. Slightly smaller than an A4.

This is what my work space looks like right now. I like to work on my couch but maybe things are getting a bit ridiculous. No place to sit.

September 1st – the first of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days – The Boldness of Life

For this 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge I’m aiming to paint two paintings each time I sit down and paint. I’m using a sketchbook made for acrylic paint and dividing each page into two sides.

The plan is to make sure I’m ahead of schedule, so that I won’t have to force myself to paint on days when I don’t feel like it (it never turns out well). Plus, while I let one sit for a bit I can work on the other side, letting my brain work out what is needed on the one side while working on the other side. More efficient, yay!

Today one of my beloved cousins is celebrating his 30th birthday with a big party, so colour is on my mind today, colour for life and celebration and growth. It’s acrylic paint, slightly smaller than an A4 paper.

Society6 Update: Breathe

The thought crosses my mind: “I’ll quickly add one of my paintings to the Society6 shop!” Ah that delusional optimism called inspiration..

You see, it’s only a few of the available products that get easily added, the rest need editing and rethinking, particularly if one is trying to make a square painting fit a rectangle item. So here I am, almost 2 hours later, fiddling with how I’d like things to look.

Still, I’m grateful for that there is a service such as Society6. While I do the painting and promoting part of the work, they handle figuring out how to print durable tote bags and put paintings on mugs and shower curtains and what not. We exchange services, they get most of the profits, but I get to see my art on real things and customers get cool stuff that they wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.

The newest addition to my Society6 shop is the acrylic painting Breathe. You can find it as a sticker, a clock, a tote bag, pillow, travel mug.. It’s pretty cool, if you ask me. Art on stuff. Art doesn’t always have to be the hanging on the wall kind.

The end of 30 paintings in 30 days – collage

Today it’s time to post a collage of all the paintings done during this 30 day challenge period. I put them in the order I made them rather than how they’d best look next to eachother.

Some of them I still haven’t taken a liking to and I’ll probably rework them later. Some of them are favourites that I’ll keep at home for a while.

My biggest takeaway from this challenge is that on the days that I don’t feel like painting it doesn’t pay off to force it. I just end up with a painting that I don’t love and even if others might like the painting it’s hard to sell something you don’t feel strongly enough for. That “something’s off” feeling isn’t about feeling lazy, it’s more like not being in tune with the right thing. As if you’re a faulty instrument. Sometimes that might correct itself as the eve goes on, sometimes you just keep on playing false notes. That’s how it works for me.

Each painting took about 2 hours to make, sometimes a bit more. More time will be needed for painting borders, applying varnish, adding a hanging mechanism. A few will take more time as I rework the scene to something I love more.

I was hoping to get some of that done today since it’s a Saturday but it turns out having nothing scheduled made all the things I feel come out and I’ve spent most of today in bed. I have places to be tomorrow so maybe Sunday will be a productive day.