Society6 Update: Breathe

The thought crosses my mind: “I’ll quickly add one of my paintings to the Society6 shop!” Ah that delusional optimism called inspiration..

You see, it’s only a few of the available products that get easily added, the rest need editing and rethinking, particularly if one is trying to make a square painting fit a rectangle item. So here I am, almost 2 hours later, fiddling with how I’d like things to look.

Still, I’m grateful for that there is a service such as Society6. While I do the painting and promoting part of the work, they handle figuring out how to print durable tote bags and put paintings on mugs and shower curtains and what not. We exchange services, they get most of the profits, but I get to see my art on real things and customers get cool stuff that they wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.

The newest addition to my Society6 shop is the acrylic painting Breathe. You can find it as a sticker, a clock, a tote bag, pillow, travel mug.. It’s pretty cool, if you ask me. Art on stuff. Art doesn’t always have to be the hanging on the wall kind.

The end of 30 paintings in 30 days – collage

Today it’s time to post a collage of all the paintings done during this 30 day challenge period. I put them in the order I made them rather than how they’d best look next to eachother.

Some of them I still haven’t taken a liking to and I’ll probably rework them later. Some of them are favourites that I’ll keep at home for a while.

My biggest takeaway from this challenge is that on the days that I don’t feel like painting it doesn’t pay off to force it. I just end up with a painting that I don’t love and even if others might like the painting it’s hard to sell something you don’t feel strongly enough for. That “something’s off” feeling isn’t about feeling lazy, it’s more like not being in tune with the right thing. As if you’re a faulty instrument. Sometimes that might correct itself as the eve goes on, sometimes you just keep on playing false notes. That’s how it works for me.

Each painting took about 2 hours to make, sometimes a bit more. More time will be needed for painting borders, applying varnish, adding a hanging mechanism. A few will take more time as I rework the scene to something I love more.

I was hoping to get some of that done today since it’s a Saturday but it turns out having nothing scheduled made all the things I feel come out and I’ve spent most of today in bed. I have places to be tomorrow so maybe Sunday will be a productive day.

Day 29: Breathe

The night brought more nightmares but the day was wonderful.. and sad, because it’s like trying to catch running water, you can only have it in the moment for a while as you stand there. At some point there’s duties to attend to and homes to go to.

“Breathe”, 20×20 centimeter 8×8 inches, acrylic painting.

I was in the mood for progress pics today so I took a few, seen below. Although my mood was very green when I started, I started feeling the colour red a lot more towards the end, so the final version contains a lot more red than the start.

The week flew by, got mixed feelings about the weekend coming up. As always I wish for impossible things. Tomorrow’s the last painting of this series, we’ll see what that will be like.

Day 28: The Full Moon Effect

I’ve been having the strangest nightmares lately. Plus I had a start of a migraine in the morning (took painkiller, chased it off). Perhaps that’s some explanation for this painting.

“The Full Moon Effect”, 8×8 inches 20×20 centimeters, acrylic paint.

I’m pretty good at managing my thoughts when I’m awake. But when I go to sleep, it’s all wild west time. Dreamed of a great flood (emotion) that threatened my survival. Dreamed the one I wish for didn’t care, then I dreamed we kissed, then I was on a train and I couldn’t find my train ticket. There’s a lot I don’t know about my situation and when I’m awake I can handle that and I understand. And when I’m asleep.. well, hello scary metaphors and chaos. Oh well. Maybe I need to meditate more or something.

Day 25: Effortless Fidelity

Saw the new Marvel movie the Black Panther today, I think it’s affected today’s landscape.

“Effortless Fidelity” in acrylic paint, 8×8 inches or 20×20 centimeter.

Below is how it started. Made a shape, decided on where the light would be and suddenly in my mind birds appeared, then a tree, a clearing.

I don’t want to over-explain things today. About the title, it’s a state of being when you feel right and both people are aligned and in love. And when you’re not, everything’s a lot harder.

Day 23: A Dark and Stormy Night

I had this vision of a colourful scene and a woman dancing in a red dress, so I picked up my brush.. and this came out.

I guess it fits my general state of being better. Everything’s a bit hazy and dusky, the wind blows and I don’t know what will come. But oh well. Might be good stuff. Those people down there might be wizards and everything will be fine. Or it might not. Hard to tell in this dusk.

Might decide to work on the foreground a bit more to enhance the distance effect, I’ll see how it feels in the morning.

Day 22: When Doves Cry

At 5:13 pm today I got a flash of what I wanted my next painting to be. However, after attending a classical concert and getting home past 10 pm I was too exhausted for detail work. Maybe I’ll make it tomorrow. Today we have an abstract instead.

“When Doves Cry”, 8×8 inches or 20×20 centimeter.

Today my mind has been preoccupied with thoughts about strength. I see myself as a strong person and I often end up around people who lean on me for support. That’s fine. But when it comes to finding someone I can spend my life with, the gap can’t be too great. So on my mind today has been strength. How important it is to do what’s right, not according to tradition or values or society, but having the emotional intelligence to know what’s the healthy thing to do rather than the comfortable. It’s not easy to know and it takes time. Still, a lot of people I talk to know what they should do yet they avoid doing it.. because the in-laws will be mean, because somehow they’ll become tolerant of all the things that drive them nuts about the other person, because the other person will surely change now finally, because the sweet memories they had creates a nostalgic forcefield too great to escape, or because what if they can turn back time and magically become people they used to be with needs they used to have. Sometimes it’s a sign there’s one more thing they need to try before facing up to looking at the present with clear eyes. Sometimes it means they’ll spend the rest of their life in comfortable rewardless mediocrity.

So that’s what ran through my mind while splashing paint today. Just the sadness and futility of it all. And me, looking for someone brave, who won’t make excuses forever or settles. I can’t imagine how crap it would feel to be on the receiving end of that, to be with someone who’s with you because they think they don’t deserve better or doesn’t dare change their life. So I’m looking for someone brave who will properly work on a relationship but won’t stay just to make me happy. Honesty hurts but dang, the alternative is worse.

And in the mean while, strong or not, I’m in a dove crying mood tonight. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

I was trying to use a paint thinner for acrylics for this painting but I think I grabbed the wrong bottle. I don’t know how it will effects its longevity or the paint. Drats.

Day 19: My Kind of Music

This painting started out the way music looks. Hills and valleys of sound and quiet..

..And then I felt the need for colour and water and here we are. It’s on a box canvas (like they all are) and the borders are painted black. I’ll post more pictures once I’m putting them up for sale.

Usually I like my paintings fairly smooth, not very many visible dry strokes, but for this I wanted something rough. It called out to me: rough. And dark. But light. A mixed up kind of day, huh.

Day 14: Mordant

Today’s song while painting is Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra – Smile.


I started this one imagining I’d add sharp edges with yellow but I wanted to use up the red and white I had left from painting the night before. And then it turned all pink. And I thought to myself “What a cliché! On Valentine’s Day!”. But I left it alone. No yellow.

It doesn’t feel like I’ll ever be in the mood for painting sunny landscapes. Or maybe I’ll paint it to escape into somewhere else sometime. Every day is painful, maybe painting will help or maybe it won’t.

Day 9: “It’s Getting Frosty”

The camera I’m using to capture these paintings is getting worse and worse. Working on fixing that asap, it’s getting ridiculously difficult to get a fairly accurate representation of the painting uploaded.

In the spirit of today.. It’s getting frosty. 20×20 centimeter / 8×8 inches canvas, acrylic painting. This one has a double purpose, made both for the Colour_Collective on Twitter (theme: delft blue) and the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.