Snowman and Bird by Jennloop

A Year Later

Well, welcome to 2018! I’ve managed to neglect this blog for a year, stopped writing at the end of the previous “30 paintings in 30 days” challenge. Since a year has passed it’s time to do that challenge again, can’t wait! This time I’m better prepared. If all goes as planned I’ll stick to the same sized canvases and to one theme: trees. I love trees. And the canvases are small enough to fit into padded envelopes, which solves my packaging problem when it comes to selling paintings. For now I still need to get 15 more canvases and make some sketches to keep ideas flowing once the brush finally hits the canvas.

If you want to join me and paint 30 paintings in 30 days there’s still time to sign up at Leslie Saeta‘s website.

Listening Mouse by Jennlooped

Watercolouring – the art of patience

Watercolouring is all about layers. To get strong colours it’s not usually enough to lay down one coating of paint. Oh no. You need to wait until it has dried up some and then add more. And maybe more after that. In that way, watercolouring is very zen. It’s a practice of patience and nature. Most often when I’ve messed up a watercolour painting it’s because I couldn’t find the inner peace to do it slowly. That said, I like to make final adjustments digitally. Perhaps I need to work on my zen but on the computer I can fix any problems with shadows, hues and lighting to get it just right. I’m still painting by hand, just using different tools. What do you think? Is digital painting less zen? This post’s watercolour image was made for a recent #colour_collective challenge. The colour theme was moss.