Day 2 of “30 Paintings in 30 Days”: Moon, Mood

I was going for a cool evening feel but ended up with some spooky twilight instead. It might be related to how much I was cussing about the lack of natural light. The colours appear very different depending on what light is available and the best¬†light is definitely daylight. However, this is January so there was barely any good daylight to start with and then I had to rush to work and when I got home it was absolutely dark. Ah well. Moon, Mood (1)                                 This piece, “Moon, Mood”, has a type of fuzzying of the tree stems going on. It’s a sketchy place to be – it’s hard to tell what’s lurking in that forest. Moon, Mood (2)                     Moon, Mood 3                             The edges still need to be painted dark, hanging mechanism added, signature and varnish.