30 Paintings in 30 Days: “Let’s Talk”

While the Hatter is on hold I started on a series of smaller (about 10 x 10 cm / 8 x 8 inches) paintings. This one will double for the first #Colour_Collective challenge of the year on Twitter. The challenge colour is Aureolin (yellow) and the participation date for that is Friday evening. The plan is to have this painting be joined by three other paintings with a singular colour theme. Can’t wait to get started on the next ones!


Let's Talk

30 days challenge: Evening Tea

Sometimes there’s just not enough time to finish in an evening. This still needs some tweaking but it’s late, I’m doing these super big yawns and just can’t wait to get some sleep. Good night creature, good night critter, good night internet.


Evening Tea























Canvas is 36 x 46 cm / 14 x 18 inches. The paint is acrylics.

Day 9 of “30 Paintings in 30 Days”: Haunting

You know that feeling when really what you’re aiming for is a short 25 second animation but it’s a canvas painting so you can’t do that? I ended up with this painting that I feel unsure of. In my head I see the scene still dancing around. My mind zooms in on the details inside the flower. And none of it is visible, it’s in my head. So I don’t know how to feel about this. No doubt it’ll help to sleep on it.



Day 8 of “30 Paintings in 30 Days”: Watched

I really wanted to paint an animal today and in my mind I could see this painting already formed. The owl was planned to be a bit bigger, watching the viewer more close up and personal, but I’m happy enough with how it turned out. I’ve been out in the cold winter air today, perhaps that’s a reason for why I feel very beige and pale today.
























Acrylic on canvas. 24 x 30 cm / about 9 x 12 inches.


I love watercolouring, especially when it comes to creating backgrounds! There’s an unpredictability that comes with it. The water and pigment flow and it’s not completely within your control. It leaves room for happy accidents and I love those.

This baby owl was my entry for #colour_collective this week. The theme colour was Cool Grey II, which is found on the owl.

The painting has been added to my Society6 shop. Below is some examples of what can be found there. (Clickable images)

Owl Phone Case by JennloopOwl Mug by Jennloop

Owl Tank TopBuy Baby Owl Cards

Happy Valentine’s!

Roses are red and you know what colour violets are

and if we just talked more, maybe we’d now be in your car

making out, right?

Or perhaps if we really, really had a chat

you and me and her would be at your flat,

we’d be a trio with bite!


Yes, it’s not your usual love poem, but life isn’t often normal. Or mine isn’t. And in other news.. This guinea pig hamster rodent critter was my #colour_collective entry this Friday. The colour theme was Deep Naples Ochre, which to me is the colour of the stereotypical guinea pig.

Colour Collective (week 46, 2015)

Something exciting happens on Twitter every Friday! The #colour_collective posts art! Each week a colour is chosen for us and participants paint something on that colour theme. Everyone is welcome to join, there are no sign ups. The pictures posted are often art that could be in picture books but you never know what you might see.

This week the colour was Rose Quartz, a pale purple-pink type colour. I submitted the smiling critter above. The green background took 3 layers of (digital) paint before I got it the way I wanted it, can you believe it? Sometimes even simple tasks turn complicated.

How to participate in the Colour Collective:

  1. Make a piece of art that fits the week’s chosen colour. Look up @Clr_Collective to find out what the colour is.
  2. Post it on Twitter on Friday at 7:30 pm GMT, tagging the picture with #colour_collective .
  3. That’s it! Celebrate!

If the time makes problems for you, I recommend using Hootsuite or a similar service to schedule your tweet.  Hootsuite makes tweeted life easier.

Tomorrow, Saturday, is another exciting day. It’s when we find out what the next colour theme is!