30 Paintings in 30 Days – Day 21 – City Life

After all the careful brush strokes I needed something different today so I grabbed the palette knife and started carving out points of light and spreading out colourful foliage. The palette knife is also a great way to get cool textures and coverage over the whole surface fast and I needed that speed. After work I collapsed and half slept for about 2 hours, losing a bunch of painting time to fatigue. But such is life with fibromyalgia, I’ve had a persistent cough virus for a while and the combo fibro + virus is making me far more tired than usual. But I know how to work fast. And it was such fun! I really enjoy the messy lines, all the smudgy colours combining into something that looks alive.

“City Life”, acrylics on paper, about A4-sized.

This painting doubled as my entry for this week’s #colour_collective submission on Twitter. The colour theme this week was a cool green colour.

Day 9: “It’s Getting Frosty”

The camera I’m using to capture these paintings is getting worse and worse. Working on fixing that asap, it’s getting ridiculously difficult to get a fairly accurate representation of the painting uploaded.

In the spirit of today.. It’s getting frosty. 20×20 centimeter / 8×8 inches canvas, acrylic painting. This one has a double purpose, made both for the Colour_Collective on Twitter (theme: delft blue) and the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.

30 Paintings in 30 Days: “Let’s Talk”

While the Hatter is on hold I started on a series of smaller (about 10 x 10 cm / 8 x 8 inches) paintings. This one will double for the first #Colour_Collective challenge of the year on Twitter. The challenge colour is Aureolin (yellow) and the participation date for that is Friday evening. The plan is to have this painting be joined by three other paintings with a singular colour theme. Can’t wait to get started on the next ones!   Let's Talk
Listening Mouse by Jennlooped

Watercolouring – the art of patience

Watercolouring is all about layers. To get strong colours it’s not usually enough to lay down one coating of paint. Oh no. You need to wait until it has dried up some and then add more. And maybe more after that. In that way, watercolouring is very zen. It’s a practice of patience and nature. Most often when I’ve messed up a watercolour painting it’s because I couldn’t find the inner peace to do it slowly. That said, I like to make final adjustments digitally. Perhaps I need to work on my zen but on the computer I can fix any problems with shadows, hues and lighting to get it just right. I’m still painting by hand, just using different tools. What do you think? Is digital painting less zen? This post’s watercolour image was made for a recent #colour_collective challenge. The colour theme was moss.


I love watercolouring, especially when it comes to creating backgrounds! There’s an unpredictability that comes with it. The water and pigment flow and it’s not completely within your control. It leaves room for happy accidents and I love those. This baby owl was my entry for #colour_collective this week. The theme colour was Cool Grey II, which is found on the owl. The painting has been added to my Society6 shop. Below is some examples of what can be found there. (Clickable images) Owl Phone Case by JennloopOwl Mug by Jennloop Owl Tank TopBuy Baby Owl Cards

The Faerie Folk

For a long time I’ve wanted to see the wee people, the faeries and elementals and gnomes. I’ve always had odd experiences so why not add faeries to that? So far no luck as far as actual sight goes but I remember the day I bought Brian Froud’s Faeries Oracle cards. I was spreading the cards out onto the kitchen table and invited the faeries to join. It was a ritual to connect, to get acquainted. My sensitive cat companion Desirée decided to join me and started watching something flying through the air. I figured it could’ve been a fly, who knows, and kept connecting with the cards. My cat started half-lazily chasing whatever she was seeing and now it was clear that whatever she saw was going through the (completely solid) table and moving fast around as if playing with the cat. If it was a bug or fae, I leave that up to you to decide for yourself. (Image: #colour_collective entry from a few weeks ago, colour theme Viridian.)

Happy Valentine’s!

Roses are red and you know what colour violets are and if we just talked more, maybe we’d now be in your car making out, right? Or perhaps if we really, really had a chat you and me and her would be at your flat, we’d be a trio with bite!   Yes, it’s not your usual love poem, but life isn’t often normal. Or mine isn’t. And in other news.. This guinea pig hamster rodent critter was my #colour_collective entry this Friday. The colour theme was Deep Naples Ochre, which to me is the colour of the stereotypical guinea pig.
Mouse on a Bauble

The Holidays are Coming! Eep!

Are you guys ready? Christmas presents, decorations, food. Every year it feels like total chaos and last minute running through shops hunting for suitable presents, yet every year everything seems to work out somehow. I hope it will work out as usual. Current amount of Christmas presents shopped and ready: ZERO. Last week’s colour challenge in #colour_collective was silver, which for me of course means an opportunity to draw mice! Everything else may be in disarray but at least I’ve created a new Christmas image to tweet around Christmas eve. Hope you’re enjoying preparing for the holidays!

Bookmark dreams

BookmarkedBookmarks rule! I love opening a book I’ve forgotten to read for a while, finding a bookmark inside and having an art and inspiration experience. They don’t take up that much space so you can collect plenty and have bookmarks ready for every kind of mood and genre. Bookmarks can be memories. A treasured gift from a friend. Bookmarks can show allegiance to a cause or a belief. Bookmarks are emotion, inspiration, identity and gosh darned useful to have around! For ages I’ve wanted to make my own. I need a proper quality printer. Everything else is sorted. My hope is that I’ll be able to get that printer ordered after Christmas. Right now my head is filled with confused thoughts about what Christmas gifts to get others, there’s not enough room to fit in printer thoughts too. Hey, maybe I should give them some Christmas bookmarks and a nice book to go with it? PS: The bookmark by the text is what I submitted for this week’s #colour_collective challenge, colour theme Robin Egg Blue.
Happy critter by Jennloop

Colour Collective (week 46, 2015)

Something exciting happens on Twitter every Friday! The #colour_collective posts art! Each week a colour is chosen for us and participants paint something on that colour theme. Everyone is welcome to join, there are no sign ups. The pictures posted are often art that could be in picture books but you never know what you might see. This week the colour was Rose Quartz, a pale purple-pink type colour. I submitted the smiling critter above. The green background took 3 layers of (digital) paint before I got it the way I wanted it, can you believe it? Sometimes even simple tasks turn complicated. How to participate in the Colour Collective:
  1. Make a piece of art that fits the week’s chosen colour. Look up @Clr_Collective to find out what the colour is.
  2. Post it on Twitter on Friday at 7:30 pm GMT, tagging the picture with #colour_collective .
  3. That’s it! Celebrate!
If the time makes problems for you, I recommend using Hootsuite or a similar service to schedule your tweet.  Hootsuite makes tweeted life easier. Tomorrow, Saturday, is another exciting day. It’s when we find out what the next colour theme is!