Original paintings, bookmarks and prints will be up for sale when all the details have been worked out (such as proper packaging and postage fees).

My art is also for sale on items that Society6 produces. I make a painting, edit it, and they make the item once you’ve clicked in an order. I get paid a percentage of the product price and they handle everything from shipping to returns. Below are some examples of the products I have available at Society6.

If you buy something and you want to help me with this page, do send me a photo of the item irl and I’ll add it here. 🙂 My email is jennlooped @ – or post it on social media and tag me. I’m on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, links are at the very top of the page.

Products look different in photos because light affects how colour is perceived, so the same thing looks different in different light.

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or scroll down for examples.

Note that Society6 offers $10 off purchases that are at least $40 when you make your very first purchase at their site, if you use this referral link.

Newest added: Breathe (April 2018)

This painting is available as various products, such as tote bag, sticker and clock.

Strange Fishing tote bag: check it out at Society6

Baby Owl mug: check it out at Society6

Owl Love You tote bag: check it out at Society6

Thank you for being interested and checking out this page!

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