Original Paintings and Printed Items

Welcome! All my paintings are acrylic on canvas. They are originals, so each painting is the only one of its kind. I don’t recreate paintings, life is too short for repetition.

The photos of the paintings aim to capture the colours of the paintings as well as possible, but light affects how colour is perceived, so the same painting looks different in different light. Surrounding colours can also change how we perceive its colours.

The postage option is set for using the national postage service, which is affordable but it may take a couple of weeks to arrive depending on how far the package needs to travel. I ship from Finland. You might need to pay a customs fee to your government to receive your package.

If you wish to reach me for more information or to see if we can speed up the postage, you can get a hold of me at jennlooped @ gmail.com .

The paintings on items (bags, clothes, mugs, etc) are printed at Society6, they handle everything on their end while I get a percentage. Click here to go straight to the Society6 shop or scroll down for examples of some of the products you can find there. Note that Society6 offers $10 off purchases that are at least $40 when you make your very first purchase at their site, if you use this referral link.

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