Day 8 of “30 Paintings in 30 Days”: Watched

I really wanted to paint an animal today and in my mind I could see this painting already formed. The owl was planned to be a bit bigger, watching the viewer more close up and personal, but I’m happy enough with how it turned out. I’ve been out in the cold winter air today, perhaps that’s a reason for why I feel very beige and pale today.   Watched                                           Acrylic on canvas. 24 x 30 cm / about 9 x 12 inches.
The Approach

Day 6 of “30 Paintings in 30 Days”: The Approach

I keep starting off with this true desire for realism. At some point during the process I just go crazy. With this one as well, I was doing realistic colours and I hated the painting so much. I kept thinking “will I have to toss this one and do another?” Then I went Disney. Colourful flowers! Stronger colours! Yes! Now I’m happy with how it looks. Maybe I’m not meant to do realism? Not today at least.   The Approach                           The Approach (2)                               The Approach (3)                                       Acrylic on canvas. 27 x 35 cm or 10,6 x 13.7 inches. Some final preparations need to be made before it can be put up for sale. This painting was made participating in the 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge.
Dawn Valley

Day 4 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days: Dawn Valley

I wasn’t really feeling it today. Painting, creativity, it wasn’t coming to me. I figured I’d at least get started with the background, something usually emerges when I start putting down colour. I decide on a few main colours and go for it. Then.. I put on the music.   Dawn Valley                                           The playlist started. Amanda Palmer. Instead of the subdued easy scene I squirted out some black paint on my easel. Mixed it with red, mixed it with brown, light and dark was born. Dawn Valley. Now to wait until tomorrow’s daylight to check it for errors and get a proper photo of it.
Midsummer (1)

Day 3 of “30 Paintings in 30 Days” – Midsummer

I keep finishing these challenge paintings when it’s dark and ending up taking these not-perfect photos of them. I’m curious to see what this one will look like in proper daylight. Calling it “Midsummer”. Midsummer (1)                                     Midsummer (2)                         Can’t believe it’s day 3 and I’ve already let go of my vow to only use the small square canvases.
Moon, Mood (1)

Day 2 of “30 Paintings in 30 Days”: Moon, Mood

I was going for a cool evening feel but ended up with some spooky twilight instead. It might be related to how much I was cussing about the lack of natural light. The colours appear very different depending on what light is available and the best light is definitely daylight. However, this is January so there was barely any good daylight to start with and then I had to rush to work and when I got home it was absolutely dark. Ah well. Moon, Mood (1)                                 This piece, “Moon, Mood”, has a type of fuzzying of the tree stems going on. It’s a sketchy place to be – it’s hard to tell what’s lurking in that forest. Moon, Mood (2)                     Moon, Mood 3                             The edges still need to be painted dark, hanging mechanism added, signature and varnish.

30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge – Day 1

January 1st marks the start of a new painting challenge. 30 paintings in 30 days – read more about it at I’ve vowed to stick to small canvases, the 20×20 cm / 8×8 inch ones are perfect for finishing in a day. Recently I bought a “grow your own lavender” kit and I’m so excited about getting to activate the seeds soon that lavender was all I could paint. I took a photo of it in two different light settings and I’m not sure which is the most accurate representation of its colour. The sun set ages ago, waiting for tomorrow’s daylight to know how it really turned out.   2017-01-01-16-48-26Lavender (1)               I used a palette knife and left plenty paint on the canvas so that the flowers get a sensual 3D effect when viewed in person. 2017-01-01-16-48-55                 Part of the edges still need to be painted, a mechanism for hanging it up easily, plus a signature and protective varnish still need to be added before I can put it up for sale.