Golden Child

Choosing a WordPress theme

After scrolling through hundreds of WordPress themes I’ve lost enough marbles to consider learning how to code my own WordPress theme. Some part of me knows that would be an incredibly stupid thing to do, to learn all the codes for the fancy effects and to keep the theme updated so it fits the latest WordPress version, not to mention tearing out hair when there’s a hard to find bug. It would take way more time than I have and it would go on forever. Then again, it’s been impossible to find what I need. Part of the problem is that I know what I want, it makes it harder to settle for some half right version. The other problem is that I want my blog posts visible in full text version on the front page while also having a huge fancy image and plenty flexibility to add other things.. and apparently that’s not what’s in vogue right now. I’m considering following the trend. It may not be exactly what I want but it’s better than coding a theme from scratch.. right?
Red Riding Hood by Jennloop

This layout? Oh goodness no!

Back from Christmas break I take one look at the layout and can’t help but facepalm. No, no, no.. This wasn’t how their preview looked. So much has changed! Would their paid version offer me the changes I need? Or do I need a whole new theme? Choosing Wordpress themes feels like being out mushroom picking. Sure they look all nice when you spot them but after implementing them there’s all sorts of dirt and bugs to get rid of. Wish me luck..
Saint Lucy Mouse

Happy Saint Lucy’s Day (Lucia)

Saint LucyHere in Scandinavia we celebrate Saint Lucy’s Day today, luciadagen.  According to legend she was some sweet girl who did good things and got tortured for it. She brings light in the darkness – and cookies too. I think it’s pretty cool that there’s a day that has a young girl as a protagonist and it’s not a girl that has to be sexy or fight monsters. She’s just kind and helps people and brings light. It’s frustrating to hear comments like “giggles like a schoolgirl” or “hysterical like a girl at a boyband concert” in a demeaning context. What about hysterical like grown men at a football/soccer game? And often you can read between the lines that some game isn’t cool if it’s said to be something teen girls would enjoy. Girls don’t get much credit so it’s awesome that Saint Lucy’s Day still exists. I wonder how long it will survive? Searching Youtube I found the following video (below) of a traditional Lucia celebration. Singing and carefully walking around with actual burning candles. Good luck, Lucias of the world!

Plan ahead!

The flu. It came, it hit hard, I had some seriously interesting delirious fever dreams.. and didn’t update anything for 2 weeks. Yup. This is why people schedule blog posts to go out automatically, write a back up post or two, schedule tweets into Hootsuite.  They say one of the most important things about online life is consistency. If your aim is to make friends, reach people, get heard, then showing up and saying something regularly is just as important online as it is in “real life”. Consistency is the reason I recognize and say a cheerful hello to our local mailman. I want to be like the mailman! ..Except not the part about biking around town at 4 am no matter what horrible weather is out there. Major kudos to the mailman! It’s a survival sport type of job! Next on my to do list is to make a back up plan. As soon as my head clears up. Right now I need to google if I should be concerned that I can’t blow my nose gently without the world spinning a tad..
Mouse on a Bauble

The Holidays are Coming! Eep!

Are you guys ready? Christmas presents, decorations, food. Every year it feels like total chaos and last minute running through shops hunting for suitable presents, yet every year everything seems to work out somehow. I hope it will work out as usual. Current amount of Christmas presents shopped and ready: ZERO. Last week’s colour challenge in #colour_collective was silver, which for me of course means an opportunity to draw mice! Everything else may be in disarray but at least I’ve created a new Christmas image to tweet around Christmas eve. Hope you’re enjoying preparing for the holidays!

Bookmark dreams

BookmarkedBookmarks rule! I love opening a book I’ve forgotten to read for a while, finding a bookmark inside and having an art and inspiration experience. They don’t take up that much space so you can collect plenty and have bookmarks ready for every kind of mood and genre. Bookmarks can be memories. A treasured gift from a friend. Bookmarks can show allegiance to a cause or a belief. Bookmarks are emotion, inspiration, identity and gosh darned useful to have around! For ages I’ve wanted to make my own. I need a proper quality printer. Everything else is sorted. My hope is that I’ll be able to get that printer ordered after Christmas. Right now my head is filled with confused thoughts about what Christmas gifts to get others, there’s not enough room to fit in printer thoughts too. Hey, maybe I should give them some Christmas bookmarks and a nice book to go with it? PS: The bookmark by the text is what I submitted for this week’s #colour_collective challenge, colour theme Robin Egg Blue.
Happy critter by Jennloop

Colour Collective (week 46, 2015)

Something exciting happens on Twitter every Friday! The #colour_collective posts art! Each week a colour is chosen for us and participants paint something on that colour theme. Everyone is welcome to join, there are no sign ups. The pictures posted are often art that could be in picture books but you never know what you might see. This week the colour was Rose Quartz, a pale purple-pink type colour. I submitted the smiling critter above. The green background took 3 layers of (digital) paint before I got it the way I wanted it, can you believe it? Sometimes even simple tasks turn complicated. How to participate in the Colour Collective:
  1. Make a piece of art that fits the week’s chosen colour. Look up @Clr_Collective to find out what the colour is.
  2. Post it on Twitter on Friday at 7:30 pm GMT, tagging the picture with #colour_collective .
  3. That’s it! Celebrate!
If the time makes problems for you, I recommend using Hootsuite or a similar service to schedule your tweet.  Hootsuite makes tweeted life easier. Tomorrow, Saturday, is another exciting day. It’s when we find out what the next colour theme is!  
Magenta Series #2 by Jennloop

Website Restart!

You know you need a make over when you’re too embarrassed to tell people you have a website. When I made this website I had the mighty goal of blogging 5 times a week . I dutifully installed the WordPress app onto my phone so I could start writing while waiting for the bus or in between lectures. (Never mind that one needs the patience of a teenager to type on the smartphone. I go nuts after a few minutes of it!) I was excited. Yet I found myself rarely logging into WordPress and all together avoiding looking at my site. The shame. It burned. So here we are, trying again. And by gosh I’ll glitz up this site even if it kills me!