Sometimes when I go about my life I can almost feel myself turning into a human-mouse. The big eyes and round ears are almost tangible. It was therefore a small step to create a mousey me for a comic that comments on my life. Usually I create a comic strip a few times a week and post it on Twitter as #mymouseday. Since each strip is directly related to the day I’ve had, uneventful days result in a lack of updates. At first I didn’t know this was going to become a thing. The beginning has some rough edges but I’m including them in the archives anyway. At least it shows that it doesn’t matter if you don’t have your thing fully envisioned and planned out from the start, you just need to start doing and see where it takes you. I guess you could say this is an illustrated diary. What I want to know is; can you relate? ~ ~ ~ #mymouseday 16.March 2016

#MyMouseDay 16.March.2106