UniSnapshot I make digital art, watercolour illustrations and acrylic paintings. Mainly I focus on children’s illustrations, portraits, colourful nature paintings and fantasy drawings. Yes, if you feel my art style is suitable for your project, contact me at jennlooped @ gmail.com and let’s talk about it! Please describe your project or commission painting so we can start a dialogue about if I’m what you’re looking for. It’s as important for me as it is for you that we’re a good fit for eachother, particularly if it’s a bigger project. I try to go by industry standard prices but it’s negotiable.     I was born 1980 and have a colourful history with university studies in religion, philosophy, Asia, gender studies and literature. I’ve worked in an ice cream factory, enjoyed gardening for the city and currently I’m working part time at a daycare center. The kids (and staff) are marvelous! Interests include creating an indoor jungle, living the hippie life with green shakes and crystals, muscle training, creative writing and trying to be funny on Twitter. I was born in Finland, which is part of the EU, but I consider myself more a world citizen than a nation-bound one. I live in the city of Turku, which is the Christmas capital of Finland and it was the European Capital of Culture in 2011.   Oh! Why do I call myself Jennloop? Thinking in fast looping ways like a roller coaster and twirling about is kind of my thing. And.. well, my last name Lindroos could in theory sort of be shortened to Loop, right? Some pictures from my life: