Is Snapchat still a thing?

What do you use your blog for? Some people blog about their day, some blog about their love of bees (I’d totally do that if I had bees in my life) and I’m.. trying to choose what to focus on in this blog. There needs to be a point, you know? I don’t want to fill up the internet with trash. I don’t want to waste your time. I have a few ideas about directions I could take this blog in, need to settle on some solution soon.

I don’t know about you, but I use my social media very differently depending on what platform I’m on. The blog is wonderfully free form and allows for more in depth posts. I know there’s people who microblog on Instagram but I can’t for the life of me figure out how they have the patience to write those long entries on the phone. Kudos to you peeps!

Twitter is my favourite hangout place. I use it to express my humour, post animated gifs, I get personal, I share content that might be useful and it’s where the #colour_collective posts their creative challenge entries every Friday. It’s where I feel most free to just be me.
Instagram is where I share my art-related day. There’s no room for personal pictures there, even if I might share personal thoughts in the post. It’s all about what I’ve been painting, tips and tricks, what it looks like to work as an artist and if something’s going up for sale.
Pinterest is my “wait, how am I supposed to use this for anything but fun again?” place. I’ve got all these personal boards where I’ve joyfully saved stuff I thought will be fun to look at or useful later. There’s inspiration boards and boards for a few of the novels I’m sometimes writing on. And there’s the board for my art and a board for other people’s art. My social media strategy for Pinterest is pretty non-existent at the moment but I love pinning, who doesn’t love pinning?

Snapchat is one of those places that tends to come up in discussions about social media when people talk about where we’re supposed to be, what we’re supposed to do. Snapchat and Facebook. If I get such an amazing work routine that I can add one more social media account to manage, I’ll do Facebook. I don’t particularly like the place but it’s where a lot of us are stuck, because let’s face it, it’s the easiest place to find coworkers and other important people in our life. It’s been a great place to let people know what I do and show people my work. Right now I just have a personal profile but unless Facebook goes down, I’ll probably set up a page there in the future. But Snapchat..? Is it still a thing? I need to ask my youngest sister, she’d know. Do you know? For a while people used some app where people could go live easily.. but now I haven’t heard its name in so long that I can’t recall it.

It would be pretty cool to try different platforms and social media sites, just for the fun of it. Alas, the situation right now is like having to do the dishes in order to have a clean plate for food. Gotta keep the other social media places updated and have time to make actual art and then, if I find a routine that makes everything run smoothly, and my dishes are clean so to speak, then it’s experimentation time!


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