“So when can I buy one?” ..well, there’s a few more steps..

It’s wonderful that there’s a few people that have approached me about getting a hold of some of the new paintings. I wish I could tell them the remaining process is quick. I’m working on the first few steps right now. Below is the first painting that will get the varnish treatment. The painting towards the back is already reserved for purchase. They accidentally match really well with my bag.

1 – With the challenge finished I’m estimating that about 1/3rd of the paintings are “finished”, the rest I want to tweak a bit still.

2 – Most of the finished paintings need to have their borders painted. Mix paint, carefully apply, let dry.

3 – Photos need to be taken of the paintings at this point, before the varnish makes the photos more difficult to take. Daylight needed.

4 – Then they need to be varnished. Acrylic paint is porous so left unvarnished there’s potential for small amount of dust to get stuck on the painting, dulling down the colours. Varnish makes it easier to clean in general too, if something would happen, such as a smoothie explosion that splashed everywhere.

5 – The varnish takes a few days to dry. Meanwhile a certificate of authenticity needs to be prepared, detailing what the painting is, and signed.

6 – And a wire needs installing at the back so it’s fully hangable.

7 – Postage stuff like bubble wrap, cardboard needs to be gathered.

And then it’s finally sellable.


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