Day 28: The Full Moon Effect

I’ve been having the strangest nightmares lately. Plus I had a start of a migraine in the morning (took painkiller, chased it off). Perhaps that’s some explanation for this painting.

“The Full Moon Effect”, 8×8 inches 20×20 centimeters, acrylic paint.

I’m pretty good at managing my thoughts when I’m awake. But when I go to sleep, it’s all wild west time. Dreamed of a great flood (emotion) that threatened my survival. Dreamed the one I wish for didn’t care, then I dreamed we kissed, then I was on a train and I couldn’t find my train ticket. There’s a lot I don’t know about my situation and when I’m awake I can handle that and I understand. And when I’m asleep.. well, hello scary metaphors and chaos. Oh well. Maybe I need to meditate more or something.


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