July 2021: Transformational Trials

It’s certainly been a year. I started 2020 with a heartache, leading into grief, and then I stepped onto a complete transformation path. And oh yes, the pandemic. It’s been pretty crazy.

For a year I wasn’t able to paint. My heart was gone, I was tired.

Then, despite the grief of having to let go of a previous type of life with all its hopes and dreams, I found the direction for a new life, a new me with an old love, and my heart grew again. I slowly started painting again.

Now I’m so far into the healing process that I’m getting back to posting updates and adding new paintings for sale into my shop. I’m considering putting some up for sale at Saatchiart.com, I really enjoy the idea of my art hanging out with other contemporary artists. Going to that website feels like going to an art exhibition. My paintings might be feeling a bit lonely. Perhaps a few would like to mingle at Saatchi.

July is busy. I have a day job as an essential worker, right now I’m on vacation and everything I don’t normally have time for needs to get done. That, and relaxing is on my to do list as well. Life is short, we never know just how short it will be, so it’s best to add as much pleasure and relaxation into life as possible. It works out the best when this also happens while working. I add a tasty snack to my day, listen to an audio book while getting things done, make sure to take 5 minutes to just sit and breathe. Take good care of yourselves, folks.

You Are a Brightness

Pictured above is a painting I started on in June and most likely finished in July. I say most likely because I’m not sure yet, does it need some tweaks? Perhaps I need to add some shadows at the bottom where the water is.

In July I aim to tweak some old paintings and start on at least one new painting while the warm summer breeze plays in my skirt and hair. I wish you sweet summer days.

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