I love watercolouring, especially when it comes to creating backgrounds! There’s an unpredictability that comes with it. The water and pigment flow and it’s not completely within your control. It leaves room for happy accidents and I love those. This baby owl was my entry for #colour_collective this week. The theme colour was Cool Grey II, which is found on the owl. The painting has been added to my Society6 shop. Below is some examples of what can be found there. (Clickable images) Owl Phone Case by JennloopOwl Mug by Jennloop Owl Tank TopBuy Baby Owl Cards

The Faerie Folk

For a long time I’ve wanted to see the wee people, the faeries and elementals and gnomes. I’ve always had odd experiences so why not add faeries to that? So far no luck as far as actual sight goes but I remember the day I bought Brian Froud’s Faeries Oracle cards. I was spreading the cards out onto the kitchen table and invited the faeries to join. It was a ritual to connect, to get acquainted. My sensitive cat companion Desirée decided to join me and started watching something flying through the air. I figured it could’ve been a fly, who knows, and kept connecting with the cards. My cat started half-lazily chasing whatever she was seeing and now it was clear that whatever she saw was going through the (completely solid) table and moving fast around as if playing with the cat. If it was a bug or fae, I leave that up to you to decide for yourself. (Image: #colour_collective entry from a few weeks ago, colour theme Viridian.)

Happy Valentine’s!

Roses are red and you know what colour violets are and if we just talked more, maybe we’d now be in your car making out, right? Or perhaps if we really, really had a chat you and me and her would be at your flat, we’d be a trio with bite!   Yes, it’s not your usual love poem, but life isn’t often normal. Or mine isn’t. And in other news.. This guinea pig hamster rodent critter was my #colour_collective entry this Friday. The colour theme was Deep Naples Ochre, which to me is the colour of the stereotypical guinea pig.
Golden Child

Choosing a WordPress theme

After scrolling through hundreds of WordPress themes I’ve lost enough marbles to consider learning how to code my own WordPress theme. Some part of me knows that would be an incredibly stupid thing to do, to learn all the codes for the fancy effects and to keep the theme updated so it fits the latest WordPress version, not to mention tearing out hair when there’s a hard to find bug. It would take way more time than I have and it would go on forever. Then again, it’s been impossible to find what I need. Part of the problem is that I know what I want, it makes it harder to settle for some half right version. The other problem is that I want my blog posts visible in full text version on the front page while also having a huge fancy image and plenty flexibility to add other things.. and apparently that’s not what’s in vogue right now. I’m considering following the trend. It may not be exactly what I want but it’s better than coding a theme from scratch.. right?