Happy Saint Lucy’s Day (Lucia)

Saint LucyHere in Scandinavia we celebrate Saint Lucy’s Day today, luciadagen.  According to legend she was some sweet girl who did good things and got tortured for it. She brings light in the darkness – and cookies too. I think it’s pretty cool that there’s a day that has a young girl as a protagonist and it’s not a girl that has to be sexy or fight monsters. She’s just kind and helps people and brings light. It’s frustrating to hear comments like “giggles like a schoolgirl” or “hysterical like a girl at a boyband concert” in a demeaning context. What about hysterical like grown men at a football/soccer game? And often you can read between the lines that some game isn’t cool if it’s said to be something teen girls would enjoy. Girls don’t get much credit so it’s awesome that Saint Lucy’s Day still exists. I wonder how long it will survive? Searching Youtube I found the following video (below) of a traditional Lucia celebration. Singing and carefully walking around with actual burning candles. Good luck, Lucias of the world!

Plan ahead!

The flu. It came, it hit hard, I had some seriously interesting delirious fever dreams.. and didn’t update anything for 2 weeks. Yup. This is why people schedule blog posts to go out automatically, write a back up post or two, schedule tweets into Hootsuite.  They say one of the most important things about online life is consistency. If your aim is to make friends, reach people, get heard, then showing up and saying something regularly is just as important online as it is in “real life”. Consistency is the reason I recognize and say a cheerful hello to our local mailman. I want to be like the mailman! ..Except not the part about biking around town at 4 am no matter what horrible weather is out there. Major kudos to the mailman! It’s a survival sport type of job! Next on my to do list is to make a back up plan. As soon as my head clears up. Right now I need to google if I should be concerned that I can’t blow my nose gently without the world spinning a tad..