Day 3 of “30 Paintings in 30 Days” – Midsummer

I keep finishing these challenge paintings when it’s dark and ending up taking these not-perfect photos of them. I’m curious to see what this one will look like in proper daylight. Calling it “Midsummer”.
Midsummer (1)



















Midsummer (2)













Can’t believe it’s day 3 and I’ve already let go of my vow to only use the small square canvases.

Happy Valentine’s!

Roses are red and you know what colour violets are

and if we just talked more, maybe we’d now be in your car

making out, right?

Or perhaps if we really, really had a chat

you and me and her would be at your flat,

we’d be a trio with bite!


Yes, it’s not your usual love poem, but life isn’t often normal. Or mine isn’t. And in other news.. This guinea pig hamster rodent critter was my #colour_collective entry this Friday. The colour theme was Deep Naples Ochre, which to me is the colour of the stereotypical guinea pig.

Happy Saint Lucy’s Day (Lucia)

Saint LucyHere in Scandinavia we celebrate Saint Lucy’s Day today, luciadagen.  According to legend she was some sweet girl who did good things and got tortured for it. She brings light in the darkness – and cookies too.

I think it’s pretty cool that there’s a day that has a young girl as a protagonist and it’s not a girl that has to be sexy or fight monsters. She’s just kind and helps people and brings light. It’s frustrating to hear comments like “giggles like a schoolgirl” or “hysterical like a girl at a boyband concert” in a demeaning context. What about hysterical like grown men at a football/soccer game? And often you can read between the lines that some game isn’t cool if it’s said to be something teen girls would enjoy. Girls don’t get much credit so it’s awesome that Saint Lucy’s Day still exists. I wonder how long it will survive?

Searching Youtube I found the following video (below) of a traditional Lucia celebration. Singing and carefully walking around with actual burning candles. Good luck, Lucias of the world!

The Holidays are Coming! Eep!

Are you guys ready? Christmas presents, decorations, food. Every year it feels like total chaos and last minute running through shops hunting for suitable presents, yet every year everything seems to work out somehow. I hope it will work out as usual. Current amount of Christmas presents shopped and ready: ZERO.

Last week’s colour challenge in #colour_collective was silver, which for me of course means an opportunity to draw mice! Everything else may be in disarray but at least I’ve created a new Christmas image to tweet around Christmas eve.

Hope you’re enjoying preparing for the holidays!