Abstract paintings
Mouse vs Zombies
Watercolor Meeting
Paintings: clouds and girl
Painting for Grandma
Bunny Love
Selfie with Paintings
Jennloop’s art style is colourful and emotional. Mediums range from acrylic paint to watercolour, ink and digital painting. Her subjects tend to be nature, particularly trees, plus various characters and scenes that could belong in a picture book.
Current Projects
  • A new painting or drawing is made just about every Friday, submitted for the Colour Collective challenge on Twitter.
  • October: Every year I participate in Inktober, which I post on Twitter.
Jennloop I’m Jenn, good to meet you! Well hello there! Thanks for coming! If you’d like to keep in touch and be in the loop about paintings becoming available, projects going up and end up with a discount code or two, sign up to my mailing list below. If you prefer following on social media, the buttons for that are at the top of the page.


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